As I’m writing this, the following video is being rendered. Framator is a very simple plugin, born out of lack of ideas, and it creates four rectangles around your screen. Now, you can go ahead and use them as the default frame settings, or play around with them and create some stunning Mograph.  

If you came here from the video, you’ll probably know that I, Chubak Bidpaa, have created this plugin. The parameters are self explanatory, but I’ll just give them a quick review just in case:

Group Uses
Height and Width The Height and the Width of the Rectangles
Offsets The position of the rectangles
Colors The color of the gradient
Angle The angle of the gradient
Stops The stops of the gradient

If you want an effect similar to mine, just use time in the angle’s expression box.

No more loitering. Here’s the download link.


I’m not sure if anyone wants to donate via Bitcoin, but in case you’ve enjoyed my plugin, and wish to give something back in return, use this Wallet to donate:


Thank you. Thank you all. Chubak Out.